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10 Facts You Never Knew About your favourite Manga

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You have have read and watch the following manga, anime or even their live actions. But the following are the 10 Facts You Never Knew About your favourite Manga:

(1) Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee named Pokemon after four great combatants.

Their names inspired by kung fu film icons Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, although Hitmonchan’s alternate name (Ebiwalar) is a reference to Japanese world champion boxer Hiroyuki Ebihara, and Hitmonlee’s name (Sawamular) is a tribute to Tadashi Sawamura, the world’s first kick-boxer. TRUTH!

(2) The Last Airbender nearly occurred without Zuko!

Even though Zuko ended up becoming one of the biggest fan-favourites of The Last Airbender originally the writers didn’t even think of him. They added him in at the last minute when they realised they needed more action.

(3) Muzan has complete authority over all demons.

He is the original manga, the “father” of all demons. He is the one who can read their minds, but he also knows where and how to discover all the demons. Moreover, He fear, and most demons avoid him because he is merciless and sadistic, and he may even kill many demons to begin with.

(4) Muzan can’t influenced these two demons.

Tamayo was his underling, and he is not under Muzan’s supervision for whatever reason. She trained, and she possesses a broad array of outstanding and one-of-a-kind resources. Then there’s Nezuko, who managed to keep all of her emotions under control while attempting to block out Muzan. It was not an easy effort for her, but it’s amazing to watch it all come together in such a great way.

(5) Before Aang, there were 181 Avatars.

Aang is the current Avatar of the Air Nomads. While the manga does feature some of the older Avatars, the actual number of Avatars determined by visiting the Southern Air Temple. A hall in the Southern Air Temple houses roughly 130 statues symbolising previous incarnations of the Avatar. These are arranged in seven rising rows, with an additional 51 sculptures at ground level, for a total of 181 former avatars. This number was repeated several times during the film, confirming that it is canon.

(6) Kakashi used to have a catchphrase.

Initial draft of Naruto had Kakashi end his statements with “gozaru,” a courteous and traditional mannerism.

(7) “Ichiraku,” Naruto’s favourite ramen place, exists in real life.

Ichiraku is a ramen cafe in Kyushu close to the institution where novelist Masashi Kishimoto graduated.

(8) Author don’t want Naruto to be a ninja first.

Authory originally planned Naruto Uzumaki to be able to employ magic instead of ninjutsu. However, the author found this was confusing and just made Naruto a ninja.

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